Section 216: our home away from home

You've found the Rice family's web site — but for the most part it's not ready yet. Like all such projects, our plans are bigger than our spare time. All of the National History Day material from the old site is here, as well as part of the Baseball section. Most of the rest is a project waiting for a rainy day.

The site name, made rather obsolete when the Twins closed Section 216 to General Admission (we all moved to 235), became even more so in 2010 when the team moved to Bell’s Folly (Target Field). We'll spare you the new stadium rant for now.

If you'd like to get in touch while we're getting things settled, send e-mail to any of the family by writing to — substituting any of our first names in lower case letters.

What's new

Nothing. The place is pretty dusty these days. Sorry about that.

Home away from home