"Minnesota Twins baseball is on the air!"

When the Minnesota Twins are in town, odds are good (0.703 last year) that we're in Section 216: cheering, scoring the game, and doing superstitious things with a harmonica and some M&M's.

When they're on the road, you can bet we're listening to John Gordon and Dazzle Dan Gladden call every play.


All of us enjoy scoring the games while we watch. If you haven't tried it yourself, you should — it's easy to learn, and you'll find you enjoy the games even more.

Don't know how to score, or why anyone would bother to? Don't have a score sheet? We've got a downloadable baseball score sheet, a scoring tutorial, and a little bit of advocacy right here in Scoring Baseball.

Baseball books & movies

Official rules, statistics, ballparks, trivia, quotables — you name it, we've probably got a favorite book. And of course, the only way to keep your sanity in the off-season is to curl up with some popcorn and a baseball movie.