Research by Anna Rice

"The Nation's top young historical writer."
— Hon. Betty McCollum, U.S. House of Representatives, June 18, 2002

Year Category Title Download Rank in Minnesota Rank in U.S.A.
1999 (6th grade) Exhibit Insulating Fabric Technology: Changing the Way People Live, Work, and Play The process paper (off-line) 2nd not ranked (*)
2000 (7th grade) Paper The State That World War II Built: Turning Point in the Aleutian Islands The paper (0.4 MB) 3rd n/a (**)
2001 (8th grade) Paper Free to All: Minnesota's Public Library Movement The paper (2.9 MB) 1st 6th
2002 (9th grade) Paper General Christopher C. Andrews: Leading the Minnesota Forestry Revolution The paper (2.0 MB) 2nd 1st
2003 (10th grade) Documentary Contested Colors: The 28th Virginia Battle Flag in Minnesota The process paper 1st not ranked (*)
2004 (11th grade) Documentary Oscar C. Howard: Paving the Way for Meals On Wheels The process paper 1st 9th
2005 (12th grade) Documentary Julia Child: Communication from the Kitchen The process paper (coming soon) 2nd not ranked (*)
All works are Copyright © Anna Rice as of the date indicated

(*) Only the top 12 entries are ranked nationally.
(**) Only the 1st and 2nd place state finalists advance to national competition.


Anna's paper on C. C. Andrews appears in the November 2002 issue (vol. 36 no. 1) of The History Teacher, the quarterly journal of The Society for History Education. The Society is an affiliate of the American Historical Association. Instructions for purchasing this issue may be found at their web site.

The Andrews paper was also to have been reprinted in an issue of Minnesota History. Because of budget cuts at the Historical Society, this has been indefinitely postponed.

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