Research by Ellen Rice

Year Category Title Download Rank in Minnesota Rank in U.S.A.
2002 (6th grade) Exhibit The Berlin Airlift The process paper (off-line) Honorable Mention n/a (**)
2003 (7th grade) Paper Who Gave St. Paul the Right to be a Haven for Hoodlums? The paper (1.8 MB) 2nd not ranked (*)
2004 (8th grade) Paper The Fame and Shame of Aviation Explorer Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr. The paper (1 MB) 1st not ranked (*)
2005 (9th grade) Documentary Julia Child: Communication from the Kitchen The process paper (off-line) 2nd not ranked (*)
2006 (10th grade) Paper From Abolition to Genocide: The Controversial Stands of Jane Grey Swisshelm The paper (0.4 MB) 1st 10th
2007 (11th grade) Paper Dr. Frances Kelsey: Turning the Thalidomide Tragedy into Food and Drug Administration Reform The paper (0.6 MB) Honorable Mention, Topical prize for History of Medicine n/a (**)
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(*) Only the top 12 entries are ranked nationally.
(**) Only the 1st and 2nd place state finalists advance to national competition.

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