About section216.com

What's it all about? This is a family web site, constructed as a place to share information with friends and relatives. Even if we don't know you, you're welcome here. Let us hang up your coat for you.

That's a strange name for a web site. For many years, General Admission season ticket holders for the Minnesota Twins gathered in Section 216 of the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. So when we were trying to think of an Internet-land home away from home, section216 seemed to make sense. Admitedly, we'd all been out in the sun for a few hours.

In 2006, the Twins decided to make Section 216 into reserved seating, and all the die-hard loyalists moved to Section 235. In 2010, of course, the team moves to Target Field, where ordinary people with fixed entertainment budgets can't affort seats at all.

So think of the site name as a slice of baseball history — and family history as well.

Hey, who's in charge here? Nobody, really. All of us have contributed bits and pieces. If something isn't working right, it would be kind of you to send e-mail to who is probably the one who broke it.

I saw something I'd like a copy of. If it's a recipe, go ahead — that's why they're here. We're always amazed when people say "I don't share recipes."

If it's a score sheet, ditto.

If it's one of the short stories or research papers by Ellen or Anna, please be aware that they hold the copyrights: read them all you like, but don't repost or archive them. And definitely don't try to fool your History teacher into thinking you're the author.

How come the "Family" section asks for a password? It's full of family news and photos, intended for the relatives. If you know us well enough to be interested in that stuff, then you'll already know how to get in.

What else? The site is hosted by icdsoft.com. They've been easy to work with and they're inexpensive. Tell 'em we sent you. Photos and graphics on the site are Copyright © 2003 J. Rice. The site is updated on a whim-based schedule — check the home page for pointers to recent changes.

Anything I can do to help? Thanks for asking, but we're doing ok. If you're really feeling charitable or generous, how about making a contribution to the St. Paul Central High School Foundation. It's a non-profit that awards college scholarships to Seniors graduating from the best high school in Minnesota.